During a press conference at the G7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump doubled down on his tough stance on trade, telling reporters that the United States is like “the piggy bank that everybody is robbing” and promising that that is ending under his leadership.

Fox News reported that Trump said that talks at the summit were “extremely productive” about trade among other issues. This came right after Canadian President Justin Trudeau announced that all seven countries had signed onto a summit communique. Trump explained that he didn’t blame the other leaders for what he saw as an unbalanced trade relationship which hurts the U.S.

“People can’t charge us 270 percent and we charge them nothing, that doesn’t work anymore,” he said.

“I don’t blame them, I blame our leaders,” he continued. “In fact, I congratulate leaders of other leaders for so crazily being able to make those trade deals that were so good for their country and bad for the United States.”

Trump went on to say that the North American Free Trade Agreement could either be renegotiated, split up into separate trade deals, or the U.S. could pull out entirely.

“We are like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing,” he said. “And that ends.”

Trump also warned that the U.S. will take any action necessary to defend Americans from unfair trade practices.

This came after Trump went off on CNN during a press conference. When a  reporter asked Trump a question about tensions between him and other leaders at the G-7 summit, the president asked what network he was from.

“Who are you with out of curiosity?” Trump asked the reporter, who responded by saying that he was from CNN.

“I figured,” Trump said. “Fake News CNN. The worst.”

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