The Trump children are undoubtedly having a difficult time this week as a new report has come out claiming that President Donald Trump has one favorite child and does not care for the rest of them.

Inquisitr reported that Trump allegedly strongly favors his daughter Ivanka, who can do no wrong in his eyes.  As for the rest of his children, however, Trump has problems with each one of them.

Insiders say that when asked about his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, Trump often jokes that they “were in the back of the room when God handed out brains.” Sources say that Donald Jr. was “terrified” of his father when “The Apprentice” was filming, and that he was once “smacked around” at college by Trump because he did not welcome his dad at the door wearing a suit. Trump is also not happy with Donald Jr. for his divorce with wife Vanessa, as the president had personally stepped in to try to save the marriage.

Eric has also allegedly become a disappointment to his father, as it is  his quotes about the Trump Organization’s ties to Russia that stand in direct conflict to the president’s insistence that they have no ties to Russia. Trump also rarely mentions Eric compared to Ivanka, who he talks about nonstop.

Tiffany Trump has been dubbed as Trump’s “forgotten daughter” in the press, and even her mother Marla Maples has said the president is not a very present father. Maples said that while Trump “loves his kids,” she admitted that he failed to “be there with day-to-day skills as a parent.”

As for Trump’s youngest son Barron, the 12 year-old is known to be far closer to his mother and has had a distant relationship to his father. At over 70 years of age, Trump may feel that he is past the age of being a parent and has left most of these duties to Melania.

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