BREAKING: There’s about to be a collective meltdown in The Swamp! The president made an announcement that will affect every single government worker in Washington, DC — and they’re not going to be happy.

President Donald Trump is about to release his 2019 budget on Monday, and it brings major changes to the federal civilian workforce. Insiders say that the budget will stop freeloaders in their tracks, as it will cause trouble for employees who do not measure up.

Conservative Tribune reported that Trump’s budget contains some of the biggest reforms to the workforce in decades, and to put it simply, it seeks to “hire the best and fire the worst.” Senior officials with the Office of Management and Budget said that the plan aims to put a stop to regular, tenure-and merit-based raises for more than 1.5 million federal workers and instead focus on performance-based raises.

This means that federal employees will now have to work hard for their raises, and those who do not perform well could be fired. Officials say the overall goal of the budget was to bring the 1950s-styled Civil Service into the digital age.

These officials added that annual reviews that now give “everybody” a grade of four or five on a scale of five would be eliminated. The budget will also cut employee benefits, which can be 47 percent higher than those in the private workforce.

Other changes the budget is bringing about include creating a bonus pool to reward good employees, retraining of employees and reassigning workers where they are needed. Trump is using the VA Accountability Act as a model for the budget plan, noting that the White House claimed that the law resulted in 1,470 employees being terminated, 443 suspensions and 83 demotions last year.

“This is a subject that essentially people have ignored,” a top Trump budget official said. “The American people elected a president that promised dramatic change.”

Trump has long called for a leaner government, and during his State of the Union, he called on Congress to “empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

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