Parkland shooting survivor turned anti-gun activist David Hogg just received some terrible news this week that he is still reeling from.

Mad World News reported that a new Quinnipiac poll released this week showed that the anti-gun Parkland students as a group received a 62 percent disapproval rating among Republicans with a mere 22 percent having a favorable opinion of the teenagers, led by Hogg.

The poll also found that those who support “stricter gun control laws” fell 10 percent, from a high of 66 percent the week of the Parkland school shooting that claimed 17 lives, to 56 percent.

This comes after surfaced of Hogg retweeting instructions from liberal billionaire George Soros funded-group HeadCount. The HeadCount post that Hogg retweeted states, “Thanks for raising awareness! New Hampshire and Wymoning [sic] actually allow same day registration on Election Day, so it’s easy to vote there, and North Dakota doesn’t require you to register, you can just show up and vote with ID.”

He also retweeted other HeadCount tweets detailing other states they could go without ID and “just show up and vote.” This is the very definition of election fraud! Thankfully, a savvy Twitter user caught Hogg and exposed him redhanded.

It’s clear that Hogg is realizing that his 15 minutes of fame are up, and he’s becoming increasingly desperate find ways to get attention back on himself. One particularly pathetic he’s adopted is live tweeting any school shooting that pops up in the news, trying to get the media to pay attention to him rather than the actual victims. Most recently, he did this during a shooting in Miami.

“A volley of gunfire killed two teens and wounded two other people at a public housing complex in Miami’s Liberty City community, police said. Miami police Monday identified the two people fatally shot as Rickey Dixon, 18 and Kimson Green, 17,” reports the Sun Sentinel.

“Y’all shouldn’t be covering them from the air – actually talk to them & hear what they have to say. #northwesternwalkout,” tweeted Hogg, trying to start yet another walkout.

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