Shep Smith has spent the past year alienating Fox News viewers with his relentless and deranged attacks on President Donald Trump. This week, however, Smith took these attacks way too far, and it may just get him fired.

Republicans everywhere scored a major victory on Monday when the House of Representatives voted to release House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) secretive memo that details surveillance abuses at Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Instead of being happy about this, Smith instead slammed Republicans for turning on the FBI, even though the bureau has made it clear that it is staunchly anti-Trump.

“Writing the memo was Devin Nunes, who supposedly recused himself of all of this,” Smith noted, according to Raw Story.

“With the accusation that [the GOP is] tearing down the institutions of the country in the process and since that has become a talking point, they have pulled back,” he continued. “All of them who speak, and I’ve been watching on all the channels today, they all say ‘oh, the FBI is great, it’s great, it’s great, but some of it needs to be cleansed.’”

“They all keep using that word, ‘cleansed,’” Smith concluded. “That word has historical reference.”

However, Twitter users weren’t having any of Smith’s nonsense:

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