Megyn Kelly Comes Unglued – Begs For For Forgiveness As Ratings Continue To Plummet

Ever since Megyn Kelly’s morning show premiered on NBC in the fall, the program has struggled in the ratings department. When Kelly received serious backlash on Thursday for glorifying fat shaming, rumors swirled that this was the last straw and that NBC would cancel her show.

On Friday, a visibly desperate Kelly tried to backtrack as hard as she could in an attempt to save her show, but it seems her efforts may have been in vain.

The New York Post reported that Kelly told her audience that she now regrets asking her stepfather to fat-shame her when she was in law school, and claimed to be the decades-long victim of an eating disorder.

“[Obese people] need support, they need kindness, and one thing they definitely do not need is to be body-shamed,” she said, going on to claim that she suffered from body image issues since she was in middle school, when she was bullied for her weight.

“Soon there were diet pills and obsessive exercise and I had reduced my calorie intake to 500 calories a day,” Kelly said. “My heart was racing all day, my hair and skin were dry — but I was thin. And so unhappy. I was scared of gaining weight because of the insane standard this country holds its women to and because I was and remain afraid of dying in my 40s.”

Kelly claimed that her own body image is still a work in progress.

“As an adult, I’ve gotten healthier in my approach to eating, but I, like every woman I know, still wrestle with body image, and still cringe when I hear a person attacked for his or her weight,” she said.

This was in stark contrast to what she said just 24 hours ago, when she proudly said “some of us want to be shamed!”

“When I was in law school, I was gaining weight, I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going, fat ass?’ And it works!” she continued.

After her show on Friday, Twitter users let Kelly know that her apology has not been accepted and that cancellation is definitely near for her:

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