Meghan Markle was hit with bad news over the weekend when she was hit with backlash over the outfit she wore to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebration on Saturday.

Fox News reported that Twitter users slammed Meghan’s outfit as “inappropriate” since it did not have sleeves. With this outfit, Meghan blatantly violated royal protocol, which dictates that all royals should wear dresses with sleeves that go below the elbow.

Twitter users were quick to call Meghan out for this:

This comes after Meghan was stunned when she learned that any female progeny she may have with Harry will have no royal title. When Queen Elizabeth chose Harry and Meghan’s title, she could have issued a special proclamation regarding Harry’s heirs that would have allowed his daughters to have titles. Instead, the Queen chose the unwanted title of Sussex, where it states no female from their marriage can inherit it.

Royal insiders say that Meghan was incredibly angry when she learned that she would need to have sons in order for them to obtain royal titles.

Making matters even worse for her, she won’t be as financially set for life if she divorces Harry as she thought she would be. When Sarah Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew, she got just over $4 million, only $400,000 of which was in cash to do with as she liked. This may sound like a lot, but for an extravagant woman like Meghan, it won’t last long.

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