Malia Obama got some bad news this week when she found herself targeted by a fake news story that portrays her in a very negative light.

Business2Community reported that a story has gone viral claiming that Malia, 19, started the infamous Tide pod challenges. There is absolutely no evidence that Malia has anything to do with this ridiculous and dangerous millennial challenge.

The Tide pod challenge involves teenagers biting into brightly colored laundry detergent packets and ingesting it’s contents. This challenge poses serious health risks and has sent teens all over the country to the hospital.

The Daily World Update published a fake news article
claiming that Malia was arrested after it was discovered that she started the challenge. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Federal Investigators charged with getting to the bottom of the teen “movement” to eat Tide Pods and tell adults they can’t have guns has landed on an unlikely doorstep. According to Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Chief Jack Bowman:

“We received a request from the Department of Justice to hold Malia Obama on charges of inciting a movement of violence or harmful behavior. It seems that she started the ‘Tide Pod Challenge.’ She’s being held without bail until she can be moved to a federal holding facility.”

Federal officials haven’t responded to requests for answers but the Washington Informer-Tribune reported that Malia Obama was the first to post the “challenge” in what’s being described as “a foolish prank to laugh at privileged young white kids.”

This is all false, as there is no evidence that Malia started this challenge in any way.

While we certainly aren’t in the habit of defending the Obama family, we don’t want to see them get targeted with fake news either because this will only make it more difficult to get people to believe REAL stories about their faults.

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