THIS JUST IN: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un just came face to face…

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony took place in South Korea on Friday, and Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un decided to put aside their differences and have a friendly meeting.

Ok, that did not really happen, but two impersonators portraying the world leaders DID meet face to face at the opening ceremony, and it was hilarious!

Breitbart reported that the two impersonators bore a striking resemblance to the American president and the North Korean dictator.

Unfortunately, after they caused a stir in the stands, the two “leaders” were led out of the stadium by a security team that obviously wasn’t feeling the good vibes:

“According to National Public Radio’s Melissa Block, the impersonators were escorted from the stadium by security staff just behind the media section,” USA Today reported.

This comes after a top commander of U.S. troops in Asia just revealed that North Korea is undoubtedly feeling the pressure as harsh sanctions from the international community bear down on them. General Vincent K. Brooks, the commander of U.S. Forces on the Korean Peninsula, just said that North Korea has been decreasing its military exercises and increasing its executions recently.

“We’re seeing some increase in executions, mostly against political officers who are in military units, for corruption,” Brooks said.

He went on to describe the executions as the regime’s attempt to “clamp down as much as possible on something that might be deteriorating and keeping it from deteriorating too quickly.” The general explained that numerous defections, such as the one that happened last month when a North Korean soldier successfully crossed into South Korea, are becoming more common in areas not generally seen.

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