Viewers have noticed that Joy Behar has become increasingly unhinged in recent weeks as she continues to rant and rave against President Donald Trump. On Thursday, after Behar’s latest anti-Trump meltdown, her cohost Meghan McCain finally had enough and shut her down on live television.

The Daily Caller reported that McCain destroyed Behar and her other liberal cohosts when they tried to downplay President Donald Trump’s approval rating jumping by 10 points after the State of the Union.

“I think he’s a very good publicity person for himself,” guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown began. “I believe he has no problem speaking up about things great in the country whether they were because of him or not and I think that most people don’t do the research to find out maybe an economic upswing may have already been happening before he got in office.”

“Well, it’s the tax cuts I think mostly doing it,” Joy Behar jumped in. “People are running up a deficit because they’re giving tax cuts to very, very, very wealthy people and that will lead to cuts in medicare and social security which is what Republicans have always wanted to do anyway was to dismantle all of the social institutions that have kept people afloat all these years. That will happen. That will be something that will be a result of these tax cuts and because you get a $20 raise a week, you’re ready to throw the whole country under the bus? Really? Come on.”

Behar went on to slam poll numbers and to say“trust and believe” Trump will say something stupid pretty soon and the numbers will go down.”

“With all due respect, we’re in power right now,” McCain interjected. “We control all three branches of government. I just told you the trend is continuing in a pro-Republican trend and that it’s going down. What you’re saying to me is ‘Republicans, you have all the problems, you have all the problems, impeach Trump.’ At a certain point, you are going to have to look inside your own party.”


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