First Lady Melania Trump was rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday to get kidney surgery. Two days later, Melania remains in the hospital, and it has just been revealed that she has been given a difficult piece of news there.

PS Republic that liberals have sunk to a new low by using Melania’s hospitalization to attack President Donald Trump. Claims made about her needing a week “break” from her “awful” husband quickly flew all over the internet as some liberals blamed Trump for her condition.

Thankfully, Melania did not only get bad news, as she was also given a beautiful gift from the Americans who support her. She learned that Americans everywhere are praying for her with a get well card that has gone round. The card already has garnered thousands of signatures, and if you want to sign it, you can do so here.

President Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to give an update on his wife’s condition.

“Our great First Lady is doing really well. Will be leaving hospital in 2 or 3 days. Thank you for so much love and support!” Trump tweeted.

Melania’s spokeswoman announced her hospitalization after her surgery on Monday.

“This morning, First Lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition,” said the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham. “The procedure was successful and there were no complications. Mrs. Trump is at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week.”

“The First Lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere,” Grisham added, referring to the “Be Best” initiative Melania introduced last week.

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