President Donald Trump just spoke out to say that he thinks it’s “terrific” that the Department of Justice had caught senate aide James Wolfe leaking classified information to the media.

“It’s very interesting that they caught a leaker — it’s a very important leaker,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. The president added that he is still getting information about what happened.

“It could be a terrific thing,” he added as he left the White House to head to Canada for the G7 summit. Trump explained that though he supports freedom of the press, it was wrong of Wolfe to leak classified information.

“I think you have a double edge,” Trump said to reporters. “You cannot leak classified information. At the same time, we need freedom of the press.”

This comes after the Department of Justice handed down an indictment that claims that Wolfe passed classified information to a series of media outlets, confirming long-standing suspicions of the career intelligence community’s complicity in leaks. Wolfe has been charged with three separate instances of making false statements to the FBI in the indictment, which appears to detail how he did allegedly leaked classified information to reporters and then allegedly lied about it to the FBI.

The indictment does not name who the classified documents were leaked to, identifying them as “Reporter #1,” “Reporter #2,” “Reporter #3,” and “Reporter #4” as well as “MALE-1” respectively. However, it is believed that “MALE-1” is ex-Trump aide Carter Page, and “Reporter #2” is then-Buzzfeed News now New York Times reporter Ali Watkins.

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