Former FBI Director James Comey has found himself in hot water this week after he chimed in to talk about his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s decision to impose aluminum and steel tariff’s on Canada.

“Our national security relationship with Canada is vital and saves American lives. It was built over generations and is bigger than any person or dispute. This too shall pass,” Comey tweeted hours after the G7 Summit ended, according to Right Wing News.

However, Trump is getting the best revenge possible over Comey in the fact that the former president is far more popular with the American people than the former FBI director. While Comey’s approval ratings are in the trash, Trump’s are soaring, and he is even more popular than George W. Bush and Barack Obama were at this same point in their presidencies.

This came after Trump attacked Canadian President Justin Trudeau on Twitter, saying that he made “false statements” at a news conference and calling the prime minister “very dishonest and weak.”

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