BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Senator John McCain was battling a highly aggressive form of brain cancer over the past seven months. Regardless of your personal opinion of the senator, this comes as bad news: Now, it’s been revealed that he has not returned to Washington D.C. yet this year due to fears of him catching the flu, which could severely worsen his health or even lead to death.

The Colorodoan reported that Meghan McCain explained that her father is still “elsewhere” because of the flu season in Washington. However, she added that there’s “a very high likelihood that he will come back to D.C. at some point.”

McCain, 81, was hospitalized in Maryland back in December for a viral infection and side effects related to his ongoing chemotherapy for brain cancer. He returned to Arizona for Christmas and has been getting physical therapy at his family cabin near Sedona.

McCain’s office has given no update about his health since December 17, when it said the senator would return to Washington in January. This, of course, did not happen.

“Part of the problem, too, is like it’s this deadly, crazy flu season,” Meghan McCain said during a Politico podcast interview posted online Wednesday. “And his immune system is so down, everybody is worried about him getting the flu.

“But he’s very present,” she added. “We talk about politics all the time. Mentally, he’s 100% there. Just physically, he had torn both of his Achilles’ tendons and, you know, it’s taken some time to get back to physical fighting form.”

Many are fearing that McCain’s health has actually taken a turn for the worse, and that his family is just trying to make excuses for his continued absence. Meghan, however, tried to alleviate these concerns.

“He’s doing, actually, really good. He’s made this really incredible comeback,” she said on the podcast. “… He’s doing well. And I think it’s a very high likelihood that he will come back to D.C. at some point.”

“I’m not misrepresenting: He’s doing really well right now,” she added, making it clear she is aware that many have doubts.

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