Hillary Clinton thought she was finally in the clear when it came to being charged for the many crimes she committed as Secretary of State. This week, however, she learned she was dead wrong when new evidence of her criminal corruption surfaced.

Freedom Daily reported that a newly released batch of emails shows that the State Department gave special and preferential access to top Clinton Foundation donors while Clinton was Secretary of State. This has all been linked to a shady Miami businessman who is serving a 12-year prison sentence after scamming the government out of millions of our hard-earned tax dollars.

This donor is named Claudio Osorio, and he received 10 million dollars from the government after the Clinton State Department reportedly pulled some strings in exchange for foundation “contributions.” Osorio got the money from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a federal agency that at the time operated under the guidance of the Clinton State Department to build houses in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake left most of the nation in ruins. The OPIC is meant to promote U.S. government investments abroad to foster the development and growth of international free markets.

Osorio’s “Haiti Project” was supposed to build 500 homes for displaced families who suffered in the aftermath of the quake, but he instead pocketed the money with the help of the Clinton Foundation and the state department. Only ten of the 500 homes ended up being built, while 490 families remained displaced.

In handing down his sentence, U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas said that Osorio committed “extensive fraud.”

“I betrayed all the faith and belief they deposited in me,” Osorio told the judge. “I failed them.”

Despite her own corrupt past with Haiti, Clinton had the nerve to lecture Donald Trump about him allegedly referring to the nation as a “sh*thole.”

“The anniversary of the devastating earthquake 8 years ago is a day to remember the tragedy, honor the resilient people of Haiti, & affirm America’s commitment to helping our neighbors. Instead, we’re subjected to Trump’s ignorant, racist views of anyone who doesn’t look like him,” Clinton wrote on Twitter.

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