BREAKING NEWS: Obama is in full panic mode…

Barack Obama is such an egomaniac that he assumed that nobody would think Donald Trump was a better president than he was. That’s why it undoubtedly came as devastating news to him that an IBD/TIPP poll shows that “Americans overwhelmingly believe the Obama administration ‘improperly surveilled’ Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.”

Breitbart reported that even though the mainstream media has been working over time to cover up Obama’s crimes, this poll shows that the American people are almost entirely tuning the partisan, mostly-hysterical news media out and looking to alternative media for the truth. The results of this poll show that a majority of the public believe the exact opposite of what an unceasing media campaign wants them to believe, which is that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 campaign and that the heroic FBI is being unfairly smeared by Trump’s defenders.

55 percent of Americans, a clear majority, think it is “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” This includes 31 percent of Democrats, 87 percent of Republicans, and 55 percent of Independents.

In addition, 54 percent of Americans want a special counsel to investigate “whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.” 74 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of Independents want a special counsel, as do a full 44 percent of Democrats.

A just-released Rasmussen poll revealed that 50 percent of Americans “believe it’s at least somewhat likely senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency,” with only 40 percent disagreeing. Another Rasmussen poll that came out this week showed that only 42 percent of Americans believe Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election more than the FBI.

This all means that 58 percent of Americans either believe our own FBI meddled in a presidential election more than a hostile foreign government, or are not sure the FBI did not. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.